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The programme will be published after the registration deadline. During the registration period all registered applications are listed here. The sequence of reports may be changed in the programme.
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Registered reports

Session 1. Electronic means and control systems

1. Бабошкин, Г.Д.
The problem of achieving high quality control of an object with high inertia using the example of an antenna-rotary post (in Russian)

2. Белоусов, О.А., Муромцев, Д.Ю., Кудряшов, М.А., Колмыкова, А.С., Грибков, А.Н.
Application of fuzzy logic algorithms in management systems of multidimensional technological objects (in Russian)

3. Вдовин, А.Ю., Хамидуллин, Р.Р., Шадрин, В.В.
Initiating impacts imitator on the sensors of the optical-electronic system used in small arms testing (in Russian)

4. Глушков, В.А., Перевозчиков, К.К., Трифонова, Е.С.
Implementation of import substitution program on the example of solid-state wave gyroscope control system node (in Russian)

5. Желтышев, А.В., Шлыков, Д.Г.
Improving the efficiency of the search of places of damage of overhead lines in networks with isolated neutral (in Russian)

6. Караваев, Ю.Л., Леконцев, С.И.
Development of a stabilization and motion control system for a mobile two-wheeled balancing robot (in Russian)

7. Мыльников, К.С., Фоминых, Ю.А., Струков, С.А., Глушков, В.А.
Remote access to a physical experiment (in Russian)

8. Штенников, И.В., Мезенцев, И.С., Бурмакин, А.А.
Investigation of relative permittivity and dielectric loss tangent of sealants (in Russian)

9. Штенников, И.В., Новоселов, И.М.
Ways to solve the problem of ensuring uniform illumination of horizontal surfaces at different heights (in Russian)

Session 2. Instruments for Industry, Nondestructive Testing, Healthcare and Environment

1. Kazantsev, S.V., Murav’ev, V.V.
Propagation of ultrasonic creep wave in rails with welded joint made by electrocontact welding (in Russian)

2. Богдан, О.П., Злобин, Д.В., Молин, С.М., Рысев, Д.С.
Research of possibility of defects detection in foam polyethylene by acoustic contactless method (in Russian)

3. Богдан, О.П., Широбокова, А.Д., Гуляева, Ю.С.
Study of the influence of the depth of view on the level of ultrasound intensity (in Russian)

4. Булдакова, И.В., Волкова, Л.В., Трофимова, Н.Л., Смольников, М.В., Коротков, И.В.
Measurement of biaxial stresses in tool joints (in Russian)

5. Волкова, Л.В., Исмаилов, Р.М.
Measurement of internal mechanical stresses and elastic modules in the metal of gas pipelines (in Russian)

6. Волкова, Л.В., Перевощикова, М.А.
Investigation of parameters of eddy current testing of conductivity and density of thermally expanded graphite (in Russian)

7. Муравьева, О.В., Платунов, А.В., Волкова, Л.В., Павинев, Э.В.
About possibility of ultrasonic testing of a sole of a rail by the multiple mirror-shadow method (in Russian)

8. Мурашов, С.А., Мурашова, Д.С., Биринцева, Е.С.
Method for increasing the accuracy of vibration rate measurement during vibration elastography by processing of images acquired in PW-mode of ultrasonic scanner (in Russian)

9. Подкин, Ю.Г.
Requirements for building a system for environmental monitoring of fresh water reservoirs and early warning of their pollution (in Russian)

10. Саитов, Р.И., Абдеев, Р.Г., Парфенова, Е.Г.
Development of microwave moisture meter of wood chips and sawdust (in Russian)

11. Стрижак, В.А., Хасанов, Р.Р., Мкртчян, С.С., Пряхин, А.В.
Results of complex testing of composite reinforcement (in Russian)

12. Якимов, А.В., Муравьев, В.В., Тапков, К.А., Андреев, А.В.
The study of residual stresses distribution in rails by the method of acoustoelasticity (in Russian)

Session 3. Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technologies

1. Александрова, М.Е.
Formation of signals in digital power amplifiers using the redistribution of energy in the spectrum of a pulse sequence (in Russian)

2. Бабошкин, Г.Д.
The advantages of fractional automatic control systems for objects with high inertia (in Russian)

3. Бояршинов, М.А., Хатбуллин, Р.А., Зыкин, А.А., Черенков, Ю.Н., Загидуллин, Ю.Т., Симушин, А.А.
Hardware-software complex with the purpose of simulation jamming support communication activity (in Russian)

4. Верба, Б.П., Шишаков, К.В.
Experimental study of the effect of V-antenna deployment options on the radio communication efficiency in the near zone at frequencies near 4.7 MHz. (in Russian)

5. Гравшин, В.Г., Стойчев, С.В., Ушаков, П.А.
Realization of the results of the synthesis of EFI based on distributed RC-network with the structure of layers R-C-0 (in Russian)

6. Даев, Ж.А., Султанов, Н.З.
Automatic natural gas odorization system based on fuzzy logic methods (in Russian)

7. Закиров, А.А., Казаков, И.П., Шишаков, К.В.
Static calibration of a block of three orthogonal accelerometers (in Russian)

8. Кайсина, И.А., Титов, В.В., Васильев, Д.С., Абилов, А.В., Кайсин, А.Е.
An experimental study of multi-stream data relaying in Ad-Hoc network based on 802.11n at 2.4 GHz (in Russian)

9. Калистратов, А.П., Афанасьев, Г.И.
Problem statement for the optimal virtual machine choice for solution of computational problems in the enterprise (in Russian)

10. Красноперов, К.Ю., Ильязова, Г.И., Кайсина, И.А.
An overview of stochastic processes as traffic models (in Russian)

11. Подсизерцев, М.А., Ушаков, П.А., Максимов, К.О.
Problems of ensuring the specified parameters of elements with fractal impedance at high frequencies (in Russian)

12. Раев, А.С., Загидулин, Ю., Копысов, А.Н., Хворенков, В.В.
Development of methods and estimation of characteristics of SDR modules included in the stand of the digital antenna array (in Russian)

13. Раев, А.С., Касимов, П.М., Зайцева, А.А., Копысов, А.Н.
Research and evaluation of characteristics of through path of the stand that implements a digital antenna array (in Russian)

14. Ситников, В.В.
Statement of the task of checking the locomotive indication blocks using machine vision (in Russian)

15. Спиридонов, Ф.И., Кривов, А.В., Мингазов, Р.И., Шишаков, К.В.
Automatic detection of stiffness axes for a HRG resonator (in Russian)

16. Стойчев, С.В., Гравшин, В.Г., Ушаков, П.А.
Verifying the possibility of creating an element with fractal impedance based on complementary RC-EDP with the structure of layers (R1+R2)-C-NR (in Russian)

17. Фукалова, Н.А., Нистюк, А.И., Лихачева, Л.И., Рамазанова, С.Н.
Installation for experimental studies of tactile sensations of images on the means of displaying information of telecommunication devices (in Russian)

Session 4. Physical and Mathematical Methods in Instrumentation Engineering

1. Возмищева, Т.Г., Рудина, Ю.И.
The study of the modified model of war or buttle on the base of the Lotka – Volterra model, the qualitative and numerical analysis (in Russian)

2. Клишин, С.В., Шаронов, А.И.
Imitating model of complex balancing of hemispherical gyro resonator (in Russian)

3. Ловчий, И.Л.
Modeling the parameters of optical devices for registration of geometrical and physical quantities in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment (in Russian)

If you don't see your report listed, then the application may be not submitted or incomplete, or the paper may be not submitted or rejected. Authors could specify the status of their reports in the personal account. If you might have questions concerning the status of your report, please contact the Organizing Committee.


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