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Programme of the Conference

The programme will be published after the registration deadline. During the registration period all registered applications are listed here. The sequence of reports may be changed in the programme.
Attention! Only reports with approved articles will be included in the final version of the Conference Programme. You can track your publications status in your personal account page (registration form).

Программа конференции

Программа конференции будет сформирована после окончания регистрации участников. В период регистрации здесь отображается список зарегистрированных заявок. Последовательность докладов в программе может быть изменена.
Внимание! В окончательный вариант программы будут включены только те доклады, статьи по которым будут рекомендованы к публикации. Статус публикации можно отслеживать в личном кабинете (регистрационная форма).

Registered reports

Session 1. Design and manufacture of electronic means. Space Instrument Engineering

1. Бабошкин, Г.Д., Подсизерцев, М.А., Ушаков, П.А.
Selection of ACS’s quality control criteria for automatic optimizing fractional-order PID controller’s parameters (in Russian)

2. Миронов, А.А.
Complex of systems for highly efficient autonomous charging for unmanned aerial vehicles (in Russian)

3. Подкин, Ю.Г., Чикуров, Т.Г.
Study of the influence of limit effects on the performance of supercapacitors (in Russian)

4. Хабибуллин, Р.Д., Зорин, К.А., Данилов, Е.О.
The research of neural networks in the field of text recognition (in Russian)

Session 2. Instruments for Industry, Healthcare and Environment

1. Аббакумов, К.Е.
Ultrasonic non-destructive testing – 90 years. Creative heritage of S. Y. Sokolov: experiment, practice, theory (in Russian)

2. Аббакумов, К.Е., И, Б.Ч.
Analysis of the scattering indicatrix of a cylindrical inclusion in a solid with an inhomogeneous distribution of rigidity at the interface between two media (in Russian)

3. Аббакумов, К.Е., Степаненко, Н.В.
Torsional waves scattering in a two-layer pipe. (in Russian)

4. Бабайлов, Н.А., Богдан, О.П., Дудина, Ю.С.
Calibration of the cavitation bubble size estimation method (in Russian)

5. Биринцева, Е.С., Мурашов, С.А.
Method for measuring the elastic moduli of viscoelastic media using the experimental installation of vibration elastography (in Russian)

6. Богдан, О.П., Злобин, Д.В., Волков, В.В.
The study of the acoustic properties of media using an amplifier (in Russian)

7. Булдакова, И.В.
Designing of an electromagnetic-acoustic transducer of longitudinal wave (in Russian)

8. Казанцев, С.В., Муравьев, В.В., Булдакова, И.В., Якимов, А.В.
The influence of linear stress on the variation of the plane of polarization (in Russian)

9. Мышкин, Ю.В., Фотина, А.А.
Justification of the use of a flexural wave to estimate the wall thickness of a pipe (in Russian)

10. Назмутдинова, А.И., Милич, В.Н., Муравьёва, О.В., Кузнецов, Е.П., Дудина, Ю.С.
The possibilities of wavelet-transform application to ultrasound images processing (in Russian)

11. Петров, К.В., Муравьева, О.В., Зорин, В.А., Башарова, А.Ф., Федерова, Г.Л.
Influence of tensile stress on Rayleigh wave and transverse wave velocities in cylindrical steel object (in Russian)

12. Подсизерцева, М.А., Муравьева, О.В., Богдан, О.П.
Comparative evaluation of acoustic impedances measurement measurement of viscoelastic media (in Russian)

13. Сазонов, С.В., Колясев, В.А., Копытов, А.Г., Гусев, М.А.
Experience of CPLD application in the development of autonomous measuring equipment (in Russian)

14. Соков, М.Ю., Муравьева, О.В., Захаров, А.С.
The radiation direction of the electromagnetic-acoustic transducer in the threaded parts (in Russian)

15. Тапков, К.А., Муравьев, В.В.
Modeling of the strain stress state of the rail in use (in Russian)

Session 3. Instruments in Control and Monitoring Systems

1. Arkhipov, I.O., Shelkovnikov, Y.K., Meteleva, A.A.
The analysis of the video signal from TV scanistor using spatial-structural parameters

2. Isaev, A.V., Nefed’ev, A.I., Isaeva, L.A.
Automated system for diagnostics of emergency operation modes of the electric motor

3. Злобина, А.Г., Немцова, О.М., Журбин, И.В.
Control system of natural and anthropogenic environments by methods of shallow electric profiling and magnetic survey (in Russian)

4. Зямилов, Р.И., Стародубцева, В.А.
The system of weather regulation of heating "Smart Home" based on the microcontroller AVR (in Russian)

5. Нуриев , В.Ф., Гущина, Л.В., Злобин, Д.В.
Increase the accuracy of thickness and velocity measurement by ultrasonic method (in Russian)

6. Пестова, М.А.
Mathematical model of the ultrasonic beacon navigation system (in Russian)

7. Талибуллин, Р.Ф., Шишаков, К.В., Назаров, С.Б.
Control modes of wave processes in solid-state wave gyroscope with two-channel control system of resonant oscillations (in Russian)

8. Трефилов, С.А., Зыкина, Н.А.
Calculation of the optical scheme of the laser navigation system (in Russian)

9. Штин, А.А., Шарафуллина, А.А.
Simulation of inductive elements in the Multisim software environment (in Russian)

Session 4. Information Technologies in Electronics and Communications

1. Баженов, М.Н., Емельянова , М.М., Емельянов , В.Н.
Development and implementation of the lighting control algorithm for a country house on the basis of MajorDoMo (in Russian)

2. Белых, В.В., Степанов, В.А.
Stability codes and adaptive properties of structures (in Russian)

3. Булатова, Е.Г., Сидорина, В.А.
The use of basic concepts of physics in the course "Fundamentals of the theory of chains" for students of the direction "Radio Engineering" (in Russian)

4. Гумиров, Р.Ф.
Determination of optimal gain for obtaining the maximum dynamic range (in Russian)

5. Гуцану, А.В.
Investigation of frequency properties of fractal H-antennas (in Russian)

6. Жихарев, А.С., Шишаков, К.В., Верба, Б.П.
Comparison of variants of the extension strips of the matching cropped antennas in shortwave range (in Russian)

7. Зыкин, А.А., Бояршинов , М.А., Хатбуллин, Р.А.
The remote control of Rohde & Schwarz instrumentation equipment using LabVIEW (in Russian)

8. Кайсина, И.А., Титов, В.В., Васильев, Д.С., Мейтис, Д.С., Абилов, А.В., Кайсин, А.Е.
Experimental-based study of B.A.T.M.A.N. protocol in point-to-point topology for FANET (in Russian)

9. Колотов, А.С., Васильев, М.Ю., Бояршинов, М.А.
The choice of transceiver modules ISM band for remote control in the target complex (in Russian)

10. Новикова, С.В., Шмаков, А.С.
Investigation of the Stability of the Correlation Algorithm for Pattern Recognition on the Plane to the Geometric Distortions (in Russian)

11. Рудин, М.А.
The effectiveness of routing protocols in the self-organizing network of unmanned aerial vehicles (in Russian)

12. Сидорина, В.А., Пасынкова, Д.А., Чистякова, Д.Р.
The use of modern forms of active and interactive training of students of the direction «Infocommunication technologies and communication systems» (in Russian)

Session 5. Physical Methods for Instrumental Engineering

1. Белых, В.В., Степанов, В.А.
Modeling of critical structural metal states for predicting the operational characteristics of rails. (in Russian)

2. Зарипов, М.Р., Алексеев, В.А., Перминов, А.С., Шульмин, Д.Н.
Increasing of the effectiveness of laser systems with economy of the electric power (in Russian)

3. Перминов, А.С., Юран, С.И.
Preparation of the database of photoplethysmograms (in Russian)

4. Пономарев, А.Г.
The study of the atomic and electron structure of nickel in the condensed state (in Russian)

5. Савенков, А.П., Сычев, В.А.
The Determining of the Sensitivity of a Non-contact Device for Viscosity Measurement to Influence Quantity Using Measurement Model (in Russian)

6. Усольцева, А.В.
Task of the modes of laser engraving (in Russian)

Session 6. Algorithms and Software Systems for Instrumental Engineering

1. Трушков, А.С., Трефилов, С.А.
Realization video tracking system using the OpenCV library (in Russian)

IV International Forum «Instrumental Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2018» (IEET-2018)

1. Chugunov, A.A., Kulikov, R.S., Petukhov, N.I., Indrikov, I.R.
Technology of point focusing of electromagnetic waves (spotforming)

2. Glukhov, D.A., Titov, D.E., Ugarov, G.G.
Evaluation of risk of failure of isolation of air-lines of electric transmission by analysis of data of phasor measurement unit

3. Kalenyuk, M.V.
The dependence of output voltage on the sensor nmr flowmeter depending on the settings and speed of the water flow

4. Kornilov, I.
Nonlinear Processing For Interference Suppression

5. Kozhevnikova, A.V., Podlesniy, V.S.
Development of method and electrical scheme for objective pain registration

6. Meitis, D.S., Vasiliev, D.S., Kaysina, I.A., Abilov, A.V.
Real time emulation of COPE-like network coding in FANET using NS-3

7. Myshkin, Y.V., Kosheeva, Y.O., Chukhlanceva, T.S.
The propagation of horizontally polarized shear wave in the hollow cylinder

8. Nikitin, Y.R., Abramov, A.I., Abramov, I.V., Romanov, A.V., Trefilov, S.A., Tyrigin, Y.V.
Diagnosis of mobile robots drives

9. Pergushev, A.O., Sorotsky, V.A.
A time-reduced method for calculation distortions in envelope tracking power amplifiers

10. Ponomaryov, A.G.
The study of the atomic and electron structure of nickel in the condensed state

11. Rimskaya, E.N., Apollonova, I.A., Nikolaev, A.P., Reshetov, I.V., Kudrin, K.G.
Analysis of accuracy of measurement of main pigmented skin lesions signs

12. Rimskaya, E.N., Reshetov, I.V., Kudrin, K.G., Pavlyukova, E.R., Nechaev, A.N., Istranov, A.L., Ivanov, S.I.
Surface structure of nanoporous track membranes for biomedical applications

13. Rubtsova, N.A., Kaluzhnyi, D.G., Burnyshev, I.N., Aleksandrov, V.A.
Surface modification of Ag-Pd films in hydrogen atmosphere

14. Sedova, N.A., Sedov, V.A., Bazhenov, R.I.
The development of a virtual polygon for various models of security and safety of navigation

15. Sherstneva, A.
A mathematical model for call center’s functioning

16. Sherstneva, A.
Entrepreneurial mindset for technical project management

17. Sherstneva, A., Sherstneva, O.
Monitoring system analysis in call center

18. Zhdanova, L.I., Rybin, D.S.
Structure and biological activity phosphoric acid hydrazides with dichloroethylamin group


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