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Programme of the Conference

Only reports with approved papers were included in the list. Paper under revision will be added as they are approved. The sequence of reports may be changed in the programme.

Программа конференции

В список докладов включены одобренные к публикации статьи. Статьи, по которым не принято окончательное решение, будут добавляться по мере их принятия. Последовательность докладов в программе может быть изменена.

Registered reports

Plenary session

1. Широков, В.А.
Aspects of creating a global hydroacoustic navigation system for underwater objects. (in Russian)

2. Кузнецова, А.А.
Development of an automated navigation device for the blind and visually impaired, as a collaborative project between aspiring young technicians and representatives of industry (in Russian)

3. Абилов, А.В.
Industry 4.0 and enterprise Internet of things (in Russian)

4. Бабиков, В.А.
The system of electro-automatic landing platform of the spacecraft ExoMars-2020 (in Russian)

5. Аббакумов, К.Е.
Ultrasonic non-destructive testing – 90 years. Creative heritage of S. Y. Sokolov: experiment, practice, theory (in Russian)

Session 1. Electronic means and control systems

1. Миронов, А.А.
Complex of systems for highly efficient autonomous charging for unmanned aerial vehicles (in Russian)

2. Шамсиахметова, В.О., Шамсиахметов, О.Я., Глушков, В.А.
Development of Laboratory Mock-up Based on LabView and Arduino Hardware and Software Platforms (in Russian)

3. Кожевников, К.В., Штенников, И.В.
Development of the voltage Converter of the backup power supply of the climate system of the specialized mobile object. (in Russian)

4. Штенников, И.В., Ложкин, Д.А., Черешев, В.И.
Method of preparation of flat samples from sealants and the research of their specific electrical resistance (in Russian)

5. Алаев, А.С., Трушин, Н.Н.
Online hydraulic fluid degradation assessment (in Russian)

6. Бабошкин, Г.Д., Подсизерцев, М.А., Ушаков, П.А.
Selection of ACS’s quality control criteria for automatic optimizing fractional-order PID controller’s parameters (in Russian)

7. Куликов, В.А., Никитин, К.А.
Small-size low-inertia thermal resistance transducer for data acquisition systems (in Russian)

8. Подкин, Ю.Г., Чикуров, Т.Г.
Study of the influence of limit effects on the performance of supercapacitors (in Russian)

9. Зямилов, Р.И., Стародубцева, В.А.
The system of weather regulation of heating "Smart Home" based on the microcontroller AVR (in Russian)

Session 2. Instruments for Industry, Healthcare and Environment

1. Подсизерцева, М.А., Муравьева, О.В., Богдан, О.П.
Comparative evaluation of acoustic impedances measurement of viscoelastic media (in Russian)

2. Белых, В.В., Муравьев , В.В., Степанов, В.А.
Forecasting the performance characteristics of rail steel on the basis of nonlinear dynamics (in Russian)

3. Петров, К.В., Муравьева, О.В., Зорин, В.А., Башарова, А.Ф., Федерова, Г.Л.
Influence of tensile stress on Rayleigh wave and transverse wave velocities in cylindrical steel object (in Russian)

4. Богдан, О.П., Широбокова, А.Д.
Investigation of the influence of various factors on the faults in measuring the intensity of ultrasonic radiation (in Russian)

5. Мышкин, Ю.В., Муравьева, О.В., Фотина, А.А.
Justification of the use of a flexural wave to estimate the wall thickness of a pipe (in Russian)

6. Бабайлов, Н.А., Богдан, О.П., Дудина, Ю.С.
Method for calibrating the method for estimating the dimensions of a cavitation bubble (in Russian)

7. Шорников, К.Г., Хасанов, Р.Р., Мышкин, Ю.В., Стрижак, В.А., Мкртчан, С.С.
Modeling of acoustic pulses propagation in composite fittings (in Russian)

8. Муравьев, В.В., Булдакова, И.В., Волкова, Л.В., Понькин, М.А., Андреев, А.В.
Modeling of an electromagnetic-acoustic transducer of longitudinal wave (in Russian)

9. Муравьев, В.В., Муравьева, О.В., Платунов, А.В., Мышкин, Ю.В., Поташов, Д.С.
Modeling of magnetic stray fields above artificial defects (in Russian)

10. Тапков, К.А., Муравьев, В.В.
Modeling of the strain stress state of the rail in use (in Russian)

11. Стрижак, В.А., Хасанов, Р.Р., Мкртчан, С.С., Шорников, К.Г.
Performance evaluation of the acoustic method of structural states of reinforcement made of composite materials (in Russian)

12. Муравьева, О.В., Зорин, В.А., Синцов, М.А.
Seletion of the Rejection Criteria under Acoustic Testing of Rolled Products Using Rayleigh Waves for Drill Pipes Production (in Russian)

13. Назмутдинова, А.И., Милич, В.Н., Муравьева, О.В., Дудина, Ю.С., Кузнецов, Е.П.
The possibilities of wavelet-transform application to ultrasound images processing (in Russian)

14. Богдан, О.П., Злобин, Д.В., Волков, В.В.
The study of the acoustic properties of biological media (in Russian)

15. Джауль, А.Л., Штенников, И.В.
Thermal effect of perlitic transformations in steel in vacuum chrome plating proccess (in Russian)

16. Аббакумов, К.Е., Степаненко, Н.В.
Torsional waves scattering in a two-layer pipe (in Russian)

Session 3. Physics, Electronics and Telecommunications

1. Талибуллин, Р.Ф., Шишаков, К.В., Назаров, С.Б.
Control modes of wave processes in solid-state wave gyroscope with two-channel control system of resonant oscillations (in Russian)

2. Гумиров, Р.Ф.
Determination of optimal gain for obtaining the maximum dynamic range (in Russian)

3. Кайсина, И.А., Титов, В.В., Васильев, Д.С., Мейтис, Д.С., Абилов, А.В., Кайсин, А.Е.
Experimental-based study of B.A.T.M.A.N. protocol in point-to-point topology for FANET (in Russian)

4. Пономарева, О.В., Пономарев, А.В., Пономарев, В.А., Смирнова, Н.В.
Generalization of a direct discrete Fourier transform (in Russian)

5. Пономарева, О.В., Пономарев, А.В., Пономарев, В.А., Смирнова, Н.В.
Generalization of the inverse discrete Fourier transform (in Russian)

6. Зарипов, М.Р., Алексеев, В.А., Перминов, А.С., Шульмин, Д.Н.
Increasing the Efficiency of Laser Systems (in Russian)

7. Новикова, С.В., Шмаков, А.С.
Investigation of the stability of the correlation algorithm for pattern recognition on the plane to the geometric distortions (in Russian)

8. Симонов, М.В., Закиров, А.А., Шишаков, К.В.
Model of strapdown inertial navigation systems for controlling a mobile land robot in difficult conditions (in Russian)

9. Перминов, А.С., Юран, С.И.
Preparation of the database of photoplethysmograms (in Russian)

10. Мокрова, С.М., Милич, В.Н.
Texture analysis of nickel-palladium alloys to create substrates for type-II superconductors (in Russian)

11. Колотов, А.С., Васильев, М.Ю., Бояршинов, М.А.
The choice of ISM band transceiver modules for remote control in the target complex (in Russian)

12. Савенков, А.П., Сычев, В.А.
The determining of the sensitivity of a non-contact device for viscosity measurement to influence quantity using measurement model (in Russian)

13. Зыкин, А.А., Бояршинов , М.А., Хатбуллин, Р.А.
The remote control of Rohde & Schwarz instrumentation equipment using LabVIEW (in Russian)

IV International Forum «Instrumental Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications – 2018» (IEET-2018)

1. Pergushev, A.O., Sorotsky, V.A.
A time-reduced method for calculation distortions in envelope tracking power amplifiers

2. Nikitin, Y.R., Abramov, A.I., Abramov, I.V., Romanov, A.V., Trefilov, S.A., Tyrigin, Y.V.
Diagnosis of mobile robots drives

3. Shiryaev, A.A., Vinokurov, N.V., Trofimov, V.N., Karmanov, V.V., Shilyaev, A.V.
Effect of reinforcing rolling on the surface properties of products made of heat-resistant alloys

4. Parfenov, D.I., Zaporozhko, V.V.
Implementation of genetic algorithm for forming individual educational trajectories for listeners of online courses

5. Abbakumov, K.E., Ee, B.C.
Influence of a non-rigid connection on the scattering properties of a cylindrical inclusion

6. Briko, A.N., Chvanova, J.A., Seliutina, S.E., Ivanov, E.A., Kobelev, A.V., Shchukin, S.I.
Isometric hand grab stand for neuromuscular activity research providing

7. Meitis, D.S., Vasiliev, D.S., Kaysina, I.A., Abilov, A.V.
Real time emulation of COPE-like network coding in FANET using NS-3

8. Chugunov, A.A., Kulikov, R.S., Petukhov, N.I., Indrikov, I.R.
Technology of point focusing of electromagnetic waves (spotforming)

9. Arkhipov, I.O., Shelkovnikov, Y.K., Meteleva, A.A.
The analysis of the video signal from TV scanistor using spatial-structural parameters

10. Myshkin, Y.V., Murav'eva, O.V., Sannikova, Y.O., Chukhlanceva, T.S.
The propagation of horizontally polarized shear wave in the hollow cylinder

11. Korobeynikov, A.V., Kamalova, Y.B., Palabugin, M.V., Basov, I.V.
The use of convolutional neural network LeNet for pollen grains classification

12. Gevorkyan, A.V.
The Wideband Microstrip Antenna with Capacitive Feed with the Low Level of the VSWR


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The Conference

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