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29 ноября (среда). Открытие конференции

Практический семинар «Опыт и перспективы применения измерительного оборудования в условиях санкций» (АО «Акметрон»), по предварительной регистрации

Программа семинара (PDF)





Открытие конференции. Пленарная секция






30 ноября (четверг). Работа научных секций

Секция 1. Конструирование и производство электронных средств. Космическое приборостроение





Яндекс. Телемост

Секция 2. Электротехнические системы и комплексы





Яндекс. Телемост

Секция 3. Физические методы и приборы измерений, контроля, диагностики





Сбер Jazz

Секция 4. Радиотехника, связь, информационные технологии





Яндекс. Телемост;
Zoom (резерв)

Секция 5. Физико-математические методы в приборостроении





Яндекс. Телемост

1 декабря (пятница). Мероприятия и закрытие конференции

Практический семинар «Опыт и перспективы применения российского ПО для сквозного проектирования электронной аппаратуры» (АО «Аскон», АО «Эремекс»)

Программа семинара (PDF)





III Конкурс научно-технических проектов «Electronic Technics Festival – 2023»





Сбер Jazz

Награждение участников. Закрытие конференции





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The time is local (MSK+1, GMT+4).

В случае дистанционного доклада просим заранее протестировать громкость микрофона и убедиться в отсутствии эхо-эффекта. Перед началом работы ряда секций предусмотрено время на тестирование подключения.

In case of online report, please test the volume of your microphone in advance and make sure that there is no echo effect. We'll provide conection details in the Conference Program for each according session. Before starting, in some of sessions the time is provided for testing the connection.

Ссылки для подключения станут активными для зарегистрированных участников (при авторизации на сайте). Также они будут указаны в программе конференции (PDF).

The connection links will become active for registered participants (when logging in to the site). They will also be listed in the conference program (PDF).

На секциях может проводиться видеозапись всех представляемых докладов при онлайн-трансляции.

Online broadcasts of all presented reports can be recorded at the session.

Внимание! Награждение участников начнется на 1 час раньше, в 15:00.

Attention! Award ceremony will start 1 hour earlier, at 15:00.

Reports List

Authors presenting their reports are marked by asterisk symbol (*).

Plenary session

1. Fominov Mikhail Aleksandrovich* personal presence
Welcome speech by the Minister of Digital Development of the Udmurt Republic, the ceremonial part (in Russian)

2. Krasnov Igor Vasilievich* personal presence
Welcome speech by the Deputy General Director for General Issues and Personnel of AO "IEMZ "Kupol" (in Russian)

3. Shevelukha Denis Nikolaevich* personal presence
Digital sovereignty as part of industrial one (in Russian)

4. Tyukaev R. N.* personal presence
Measuring instruments under sanctions restrictions: domestic instruments, new manufacturers and parallel imports (in Russian)

5. Efremov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich* personal presence
Russian engineering solutions for personnel training (in Russian)

6. Sosnin Nikita Aleksandrovich* personal presence
Solutions of the consortium "Development" for the radio-electronic industry (in Russian)

Session 1. Design and manufacture of electronic means. Space instrumentation engineering

1. Abashev K. R.*, Glushkov V. A. personal presence
Using APM WinMachine for mechanical analysis of radioelectronic equipment structures (in Russian)

2. Belyaeva S. N.*, Glushkov V. A. personal presence
Experience in Delta Design CAD PCB development (in Russian)

3. Vetoshkin P. A.*, Kurzov R. K., Shamsiahmetov O. Y. personal presence
Application of the KompasFlow hydrodynamic and thermodynamic express analysis system for solving problems of heat generation of devices. (in Russian)

4. Zolotar Y. O.*, Dmitriev N. V.* personal presence
Development and prototyping of a high frequency attenuator (in Russian)

5. Klishin S. V., Ponomarev I. S.* personal presence
Investigation of the process of recognition the vibration in a non-sprayed resonator of a solid-state wave gyroscope (in Russian)

6. Knyazev I. V.*, Voronin D. A.*, Ushakov P. A. personal presence
Development of a program for the synthesis of fractal electrical impedance based on the Foster and Cauer methods (in Russian)

7. Kudryavtsev A. A.*, Glushkov V. A. personal presence
CubeSAT nanosatellite one-axis stabilization system prototype (in Russian)

8. Kurzov R. K.*, Vetoshkin P. A., Shamsiahmetov O. I. personal presence
Integrated navigation system for unmanned aerial vehicles based on a small wave solid-state gyroscope (in Russian)

9. Svetlakov A. L.*, Izmestiev I. D., Trutnev G. A. personal presence
Features of setting up the measuring component of a solid-state wave gyroscope. (in Russian)

10. Chumakov V. V.*, Glushkov V. A. online
Using digital planetarium technology to visualize the results of remote Earth sensing and other scientific data (in Russian)

11. Kuznetsov D. I., Kuznetsova E. P., Yalukov D. D. online
Analysis of the impact of unintentional electromagnetic interference on electronic devices (in Russian)

12. Denisov R. D.* personal presence
Tjvated system "Anti-terror" (in Russian)

Session 2. Electrical systems and complexes

1. Galeev R. I.* personal presence
Demonstration of the Zelio Logic programmable relay during operation of the electric heater (in Russian)

2. Zlobin I. A.* personal presence
Obtaining and studying the properties of laser-induced graphene (in Russian)

3. Ignovatova A. O.*, Shangin A. S., Grechukhina M. S., Ganigin S. Y. online
The use of reaction materials in the design of an electric detonator (in Russian)

4. Sannikov P. A.* personal presence
Electrical parameters identification of hybrid stepper motor at different control modes. (in Russian)

5. Fokeev A. E., Begishev I. A.* personal presence
Approach to creating a digital twin of a reactive power compensation installation (in Russian)

6. Khusniyarov I. I. personal presence
Influence of the transformer on the parameters of wave channels of a multi-wire line (in Russian)

7. Melnikov Y. S.* online
Ensuring the information security of the Internet of things at fuel and energy sector facilities (in Russian)

Session 3. Physical methods of measurement, testing, diagnostics

1. Abramova T. S.*, Shlyakhtenkov S. P., Yanin A. A. online
Acoustic emission during mechanical testing of plastic samples made by layer-by-layer deposition (in Russian)

2. Belosludcev K. Y.* online
Using the principal component method for separate determination of the depth and size of the defect by acoustic method (in Russian)

3. Blinova A. V., Denisov L. A.* personal presence
Detection of defects of thermally expanded graphite sheets by acoustic method (in Russian)

4. Bogdan O. P., Zagvozkin P. V., Sidorov S. A.* personal presence
Investigation of the transmission coefficient of an acoustic wave through a sheet of polyethylene foam (in Russian)

5. Vladykin A. L.* personal presence
Estimation of the velocity of volumetric waves in a 17-4 PH steel sample obtained by additive technology (in Russian)

6. Volkova L. V., Makarova V. A., Egorov R. Y.* personal presence
Evaluation of acoustic anisotropy of metal pipes and sheets using SH waves and Lamb waves (in Russian)

7. Voronchikhin S. Y., Polyankin G. A., Alexandrov P. E.*, Zorin M. S., Maslennikov A. S. personal presence
Device for generating a sequence of a given number of pulses (in Russian)

8. Lemondzhava V. N.*, Kasyanov A. D. online
Evaluation of the applicability of the Clauss method of measuring fibrinogen levels in controlling thawing of fresh frozen donor blood plasma (in Russian)

9. Vurav'ev V. V., Khomutov A. S., Stepanova E. A.*, Popova V. D. personal presence
Evaluation of the unevenness of residual stresses in the cylinder walls of a deep-rod pump using the acoustoelasticity method (in Russian)

10. Murav'eva O. V., Kolpakov K. V.*, Khozyaikin G. S.* personal presence
Influence of mechanical stresses on acoustoelastic effects for guided waves in a steel sheet under cylindrical bending (in Russian)

11. Muraveva O. V., Nagovitsyn A. A.* personal presence
On non-uniformity of the acoustic field of pass-through electromagnetic-acoustic transducer (in Russian)

12. Murav'eva O. V., Khomutov A. S., Torhov K. A., Vladykin A. L., Belosludcev K. Y., Naumov A. D., Beznosov A. A.* personal presence
The method of estimating the integral unevenness of cylinder wall thickness of of the deep-rod pump by the acoustic method (in Russian)

13. Muravyeva O. V., Shikharev P. A.* personal presence
Evaluation of the unevenness of acoustic properties along the length of the car suspension spring (in Russian)

14. Salikhov K. M.*, Stoyanov N. D., Molchanov S. S., Malinin Y. G., Bulyakov B. R., Sharafetdinov D. I., Tagirov L. R., Salakhov M. K. online
Development of a digital methane sensor for use in gas-powered vehicles (in Russian)

15. Sintsov M. A.*, Homutov A. S., Pushin P. N., Torhov K. A., Lukinykh A. O. personal presence
Estimation of Rayleigh wave parameters in the technological cycle of production of cylinders of deep rod pumps (in Russian)

16. Strizhak V. A., Ashikhmin D. I.* personal presence
Estimation of time costs of software when sounding rods by the mirror-shadow method on multiple reflections (in Russian)

17. Strizhak V. A., Pryahin A. V., Hasanov R. R.*, Pushin P. N., Torhov K. A. personal presence
Features of waveguide acoustic control in the technological cycle of production of cylinders and plungers of deep rod pumps (in Russian)

18. Ji L.* (吉 凌岳), Batranin A. V. online
Measuring the cross-sectional area of a porous material using X-ray tomography (in Russian)

19. Shlyakhtenkov S. P.*, Abramova T. S., Palagin S. V. online
Assessment of the intensity of the development of contact-fatigue cracks of the rolling surface of rails by the eddy current method (in Russian)

20. Voytov A. S.*, Nevaev A. Е. online
Development of an automatic method for monitoring the posterior apical refraction of a lens (in Russian)

21. Ruan S.* (阮思朋) online
Investigation of the influence of leakage parameters on the pipeline (in Russian)

22. Ponkina A. A.*, Murav'eva O. V. personal presence
Propagation of symmetric and SH-waves in large diameter pipes (in Russian)

23. Evgeniy S. S.*, Polyankin G. A. (Полянкин Григорий Анатольевич), Voronchikhin S. Y. (Ворончихин Станислав Юрьевич) online
Automation of the visual measuring method for monitoring annular welded joints during in-tube diagnostics with A2072 IntroScan flaw detector scanner (in Russian)

24. Volkova L. V., Kondakov A. A.*, Petrov D. A. personal presence
Evaluation of acoustic anisotropy in the technological cycle of production of drill key dies (in Russian)

25. Murashov S. A., Volkova L. V., Ageev M. A.*, Beznosov A. A. personal presence
Peculiarities of modeling the propagation of elastic Lamb waves in a plate under the action of a deforming static load in a COMSOL Multiphysics environment (in Russian)

Session 4. Electronics, telecommunications, information technologies

1. Abdellatif E.*, Hamouda A.*, Al Akkad М. personal presence
Adjustable backstepping fuzzy controller for a 7 DOF anthropomorphic manipulator

2. Chushialov A. P.*, Аль Аккад M. personal presence
Data-driven planning for autonomous vehicles navigation

3. Arslanov I. A.*, Plehakov D. I.*, Bulatova E. G. personal presence
Comparative analysis of frequency characteristics of electrical circuits obtained experimentally and using standard application software packages (in Russian)

4. Buldakov D. V.*, M. Al Akkad A. personal presence
Research on the application of machine learning methods for face recognition (in Russian)

5. litvinov i. D.*, Al Akkad Mhd Aiman online
Research on the practical application of subtitles in videos for people with hearing impairment (in Russian)

6. Lysov A. A.*, Vasiliev D. S. personal presence
Review of existing solutions of IVCAD systems (in Russian)

7. Pesterev G. S.*, Zagulyaev I. V.*, Korotaeva E. V., Akhmetzyanov M. Z.*, Zaitseva E. M. personal presence
Development and creation of a device for counting the number of push-ups (in Russian)

8. Pushkareva M. N.*, Adullin K. S.* personal presence
Development of a software and hardware control unit for attenuators (in Russian)

9. Khisamov N. I.*, Al Akkad M. A. (Mhd Aiman Al Akkad) personal presence
Real time decision-making strategy based on process tracking (in Russian)

10. Tran H.* (Hữu Nghị Trần) online
Investigation of the influence of the chirp rate on the efficiency of the signal recognition algorithm with detection at two intermediate frequencies (in Russian)

11. Chernov P. S.* online
The operation concept of smart sensors in distributed information-measuring and control systems (in Russian)

12. Shaimov A. Y., Chernyh K. V., Chernyh A. K.*, Vladykin M. I.*, Korotkov A. S.*, Malkin A. S.* personal presence
Development of reprogrammable PLDs (in Russian)

13. Shibanov R. E., Merzlyakova A. D., Tunguskova A. M., Shaklein M. A.*, Kaisina I. A. personal presence
Simulation of video data transmission from a multicopter UAV using the 802.11n standard (in Russian)

14. Shaimov A. Y., Chernyh K. V., Chernyh A. K.*, Vladykin M. I.*, Korotkov A. S.*, Malkin A. S.* personal presence
Development of PLD programs (in Russian)

Session 5. Physical and mathematical methods in instrumentation engineering

1. Glazyrin A. V.*, Mayorov P. Y. online
Adaptive structural analysis of electrical signals with local violation of the pattern (in Russian)

2. Gusarov I. E.*, Kalugin A. I., Antonov E. A. personal presence
Influence of scanning system parameters on laser spot sizes (in Russian)

3. Kozitsyn P. R.*, Kalyuzhny D. G. online
Laser positioning system based on resistive films (in Russian)

4. Kochurova D. N.*, Kalugin A. I., Antonov E. A. personal presence
Choosing an initial approximation when modeling laser beam propagation (in Russian)

5. Sadovnikova Y. E., Ofitserova A. V.* personal presence
Optimization of a real fiber-optic route by analyzing local defects according to specified reflectograms (in Russian)

6. Sobolev V. V.*, Zhdanova L. I. personal presence
Parameters of the complex structure of the optical functions of solid CO2 and CO (in Russian)

7. Trefilov D. A.*, Kalyuzhny D. G. online
Low-level laser therapy device (in Russian)

8. Sharafetdinov D. I.*, Bulyakov B. R.*, Zaitov M. R., Dulov E. N., Voronina E. V. online
Control of the process of growth of organometallic crystals from solutions (in Russian)

9. Yurkov A. S.*, Selivanov I. A., Yurkov V. D., Vysotskaya I. A., Pletnev M. A. personal presence
Selection of the heating element of the zirconium residual oxygen sensor (in Russian)

10. Golub M. V.*, Fomenko S. I., Eremin A. A., Khanazaryan A. D., Usov P. E., Kanischev K. K. online
Optimization of ultrasonic transducer characteristics with elastic metamaterial matching layers (in Russian)

Contest of scientific, technical projects «eTechFest-2023»

1. Gaptrakhimova M. M.*, Sedov A. R.* personal presence
Remote control of 3D-printer (in Russian)

2. Rybin S. I.* online
Modification of the Dofler T60900 telescope (in Russian)

3. Sizikov N. O.* online
flashing light design (in Russian)

4. Denisov R. D.* personal presence
Automated system "ANTI-TERROR" (in Russian)

5. Maksimov G. M.* online
Digital thermometers (in Russian)

6. Prikazchikova U. D.* online
History of domestic instrument making (in Russian)

7. Uguzov D. R.* online
Essays on the topic: "How do I see the further development of space communication systems" (in Russian)

8. Chaun I. E.* online
The role and assessment of the development of the instrument-making in the Russian economy (in Russian)

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