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Monte Carlo Simulation Model for Estimation of Reliability Indexes of Electronic Means

Lyubchenko, A., Castillo, P., Mora, A., García-Sánchez, P., Kopytov, E.

Abstract. The Monte Carlo method is a well-known technique for solving a verity of stochastic problems. Development of a simulation model based on this method provides flexibility for analyzing investigated processes and estimated parameters. In this paper, the Monte Carlo method was used for construction of a simulation model for the operational process of electronic medium for the purpose of integrated reliability index estimation. Multi-state functioning process considers a set of exploitation factors, such as sudden, gradual, latent and fictitious failures, human factor of service staff and time parameters of preventive maintenance. Implementing simulation experiments with the proposed model allows analyzing the reliability of electronic through popular indexes, coefficient of operation efficiency and availability coefficient, taking into account important factors of the operational process.

Keywords: simulation, Monte Carlo, Semi Markov process, reliability indexes

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November 15, 2017

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