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Instrumentation Engineering in the XXI Century – 2020. Integration of Science, Education and Production

Proceedings of the XVI Russian National Scientific Conference
(December 2–4, 2020, Izhevsk, Russian Federation)

Publication date: 24.12.2020

This edition contains selected, peer-reviewed articles based on the reports presented at the XVI Russian National Scientific and Technical Conference "Instrumentation Engineering in the XXI Century. Integration of Science, Education and Production", held on December 2-4, 2020 at the Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University. It covers a wide range of scientific and technical issues in the field of instrumentation. The publication is intended for specialists in the field of instrumentation engineering, scientists, postgraduates, master students and students.


Session 1. Electronic means and control systems

Strukov S. A., Fominykh Y. A., Mylnikov K. S., Glushkov V. A.
Multifunction programmable robotic platform


Grabchak, E. P., Loginov, E. L.
Management of research, energy machine-building and electric power companies as elements of an integrated industry technological complex (in Russian)


Fokeev, A. E., Vyatkin, N. A.
Inactive power and methods of its compensation (in Russian)


Fokeev, A. E., Tumakov, I. N.
Analysis of the applicability of methods for determining the permissible load for choosing the power of power transformers for the design of power supply systems (in Russian)


Shtin, A. A., Akhatov, R. Z.
Simulation of a sinusoidal signal generator on the PIC16F84A microcontroller in Multisim (in Russian)


Session 2. Instruments for Industry, Nondestructive Testing, Healthcare and Environment

Basharova, A. F., Nagovitsyn, A. A., Murav'eva, O. V.
Efficiency calculation of longitudinal mode electromagnetic acoustic transducer with additional magnetization (in Russian)


Bekher, S. A., Popkov, A. A.
The use of shock loading when testing fragile objects by the acoustic emission method (in Russian)


Bogdan, O. P., Zalalutdinova, A. R.
Investigation of the acoustic impedance of solutions by the resonant method (in Russian)


Bogdan, O. P., Zlobin, D. V., Tarasova, A. V.
Investigation of acoustic wave velocity in samples of thermally expanded graphite (in Russian)


Bogdan, O. P., Rysev, D. S.
Research of sound velocity anisotropy in polyethylene foam (in Russian)


Volkova, L. V., Muravieva, O. V., Muraviev, V. V., Khantimirova, A. A.
Investigation of the signal of an eddy-current transducer when monitoring thermally expanded graphite (in Russian)


Dymkin, G. Y., Konshina, В. N., Yurchenko, L. A.
Personnel training for non-destructive testing of railway products (in Russian)


Egorov, V. S., Khasanov, R. R.
Method for calculating the reflection coefficient taking into account the physical properties of the test object (in Russian)


Kazantsev, S. V., Murav’ev, V. V., Andreev, A. V.
Propagation of ultrasonic creep wave in operated continuously welded rail (in Russian)


Laptev, D. S., Egorkina, S. B., Stepanov, V. A., Belykh, V. V., Khudoykulova, Sh. N.
Assessment of functional state of vital activity of a body based on multifractal analysis of changes in corneal tissues under the influence of a rotating electric field (in Russian)


Lomaev, G. V., Emelyanova, M. S.
Magnetic field generator for magnetobiological experiments (in Russian)


Lomaev, G. V., Shikharev, P. A.
Modeling of magnetic fields in construction structures with structural elements containing ferromagnets (in Russian)


Ponkina, A. A., Murav'eva, О. V., Volkova, L. V., Chukhlantseva, T. S.
Effect of sheet wall thickness on displacement diagrams of normal Lamb waves (in Russian)


Ryzhova, A. O., Bekher, S. A.
Evaluation of the possibility of testing the fit density of press joints by ultrasonic method (in Russian)


Sokov, M. Yu., Elkin, N. Yu., Vladimirov, K. A., Muravieva, O. V.
Spectral method for testing the pipe threads using an electromagnetic-acoustic transducer (in Russian)


Tapkov, K. A., Muravev, V. V.
Rise of fatigue crack in the head of the rail (in Russian)


Khasanov, R. R., Syakterev, M. V., Egorov, V. S.
Stand for controlled heating during testing of composite fittings (in Russian)


Session 3. Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technologies

Ali R., Al Akkad M. A.
Machine learning in robotic grasping tasks: a survey


Atlanova, A. K., Chashchina, P. D., Titov, V. V., Kaisina, I. A., Abilov, A. V., Lamri, M. A.
An overview of the possible implementation of an autonomous flight of small UAVs based on Clever with data relay support (in Russian)


Vikhlyaev, I. A., Shishakov, K. V.
Signal processing of a hemispherical resonator gyroscope with a constant sampling rate (in Russian)


Gravshin, V. G., Stoichev, S. V., Ushakov, P. A.
Checking the possibility of implementing a new element with a fractal impedance with known parameters (in Russian)


El'tsov, I. S., Vdovin, A. Yu.
Research of the “graphical password” using challenge response authentication for mobile devices (in Russian)


Raev, A. S., Kasimov, P. M., Zaitseva, A. A., Kopysov, A. N., Khvorenkov, V. V.
Development and evaluation of radiation patterns of emitters included in the model of a digital antenna array (in Russian)


Sidorina, V. A., Ursegova, E. D., Chistyakova, D. R.
Experimental study of reception of single-sideband amplitude modulated signals (in Russian)


Spiridonov, F. I., Mingazov, R. I., Shishakov, K. V.
Development of a software package for information support of production of solid-state wave gyroscopes (in Russian)


Titov, V. V., Kaisina, I. A., Abilov, A. V., Lamri, M. A.
Overview of methods to improve delivery of streaming data in wireless ad-hoc networks (in Russian)


Komraz, S. R., Miroshnikov, V. V., Pobeda, T. V.
Detection and identification of potentially hazardous agents method (in Russian)


Session 4. Physical and Mathematical Methods in Instrumentation Engineering

Aizikovich, A. A., Korovin, V. M.
Software implementation of a machine with unlimited registers (in Russian)


Hundzina, M. A., Shirvel, P. I.
Signal scalogram in Mathematica (in Russian)


Sobolev, V. Val.
Comparison of the optical spectra of magnesium and germanium germanide (in Russian)



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